Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey guys,
Stephanie here, waiting in Minneapolis airport for my flight to Tokyo! It's going to be a long 48 hours. My flight schedule goes like this...Detroit-->Minneapolis-->Tokyo-->Shanghai-->Changchun. It's a blessing that I have a friend in Shanghai who will let me stay there for a night, or else I wouldn't be able to make it!
I can't believe i'm sitting here in the airport waiting to board the plane. It's been a really long process to get here. I've had some VISA problems and parental problems and just flat out rejections from so many companies. But I know I'm blessed, because I'll be flying across the world in just 2 more hours. My parents dropped me off at the security gate this morning at metro detroit airport (can you say, 4:00 a.m. wake up call suxs?!) and it was difficult. This is the first time I will be flying away by myself. It's pretty scary for me, so I'd imagine it's more scary for them.
I'm so excited to be leaving at the same time though. I'll be teaching english in Changchun for the entire summer (my flight back is august the 27th!). I'm excited to find out where I'll be living and to explore the city! My biggest fear is not being able to access youtube, facebook, gmail (i can't live without gmail!) etc. etc. etc. I've been sort of documenting my travels so far and i'll be making v-logs. I just gotta figure out how to get people to access it (i mean, if i can't put it on youtube, and it's too big for email, then these v-logs are pretty pointless!) Regardless, it's been fun carrying around a camera and narrating my life.
Anyways, that's it for now that I can think of! I'll be posting more soon! Miss you all already!! go AIESEC!

with much love,
Stephanie Chang


  1. Hi,I listened your presentation tonight and you are a thoughtful girl.Have a cup of coffee and talk about the meaning of life,OK?

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