Thursday, May 19, 2011

day 6

So i've been in Romania for six days now, have been working for four of them. Definitely been long days, wake up at 640, out the door by 710, work ends at 6 p.m. at night. Usually we go out and walk around, Bucharest is a beautiful city, there are parks everywhere for you to walk in. So much green space, going out after work to walk around is great, and the conversion rate is really nice for getting food. Beer and the like is cheap, if you buy it at the stores, but at the pubs, its probably comparable, at least if you're looking for the standard domestic draft, or local bottled brews like I am. It's kinda funny, SAB Miller owns one of the most prominent local brewers, Ursus, which is pretty darn good I'd say. It's all made in Romania, and probably mostly drunk in Romania, it's just another reminder that international companies have their fingers in everywhere.
In any case, I can say today was a good day. The kids at the kindergarden were well behaved for the most part, and after work myself, the other EP who's working there, Adam, our Coworker, Nicoleta, and the daughter of our host family, Andreea went out walking around, got kinda lost and had a good walk in the rain, (yes, locals got lost, we got off at the wrong subway, a subway where we actually got separated from Adam because he didn't get on in time... met him at the next stop.) But in getting to a pub from being lost, we ended up doing more walking, stole a ride on a tram car, luckily there weren't any cops around, we didnt have any tickets, and then we got to visit St. Nikolas' remains in a beautiful church in Bucharest. Yeah, that's right, Santa Clause for all you folks out there. It was an awesome church, and kinda cool to go and just be there at the remains of a Saint you know? Beyond that, when you're in a church like that, it's really easy to see the appeal of being religious, the draw a structure and culture of the church would have had back in the day, and how it can continue today.

But, now it's late, i'm tired, full of good food, and tasty euro beer from the pub.



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